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Metatron global fund is an expert openend fund having a GBL/1 licence No c107004073 and is licenced to carry out business by the Fsc Mauritius. The principal investment objective of the Fund is to achieve medium to long-term (10 to 15 yrs) capital appreciation by investing in Portfolio Assets and Portfolio Companies worldwide and selected emerging countries in Europe and India; investing in renewable energy, and alternative green energy projects as well as recycling projects.

Sectors as following:

  1. Real Estate: Investing in integrated townships, group housing, special townships, including SEZ, ITS, IT and ITES, logistics and warehousing, retail parks, malls, IT park complexes and Industrial parks, bio fuels, biometrics and security systems, green energy - wind and hydro power, in Europe as-well as France and Italy.
  2. Infrastructure projects such as power, constructions of roads, bridges ,fly-overs rail , metro rail, sea ports , airports , telecommunications, refineries and renewable and recycling projects, and in mining precious metals and stones. IT projects including CT Surveillance system and Securities Systems. Networking LAN/WAN related projects.
  3. Energy Projects such as Bio-Fuels, Bio-Metrics, Bio-Mass, Green energy - wind, hydro solar power, and related activities and ECO - Friendly projects.
  4. Mining and Mineral including Precious metals and stones related projects.
  5. Investment in Educational, Medical Educational and Institutions College and Universities, health care activities.
  6. Acquiring in distressed Assets/ Companies and any new/green field projects in the above mentioned sectors.
As a market-savvy investor you will doubtless be inquisitive about the emergence of diverse global investment opportunities. You've almost certainly watched with interest the more recent emergence of India as a preferred investment destination for alternative asset classes and doubtless you have followed the exponential growth curve and possibilities in this region. We invite you to explore a unique and exciting opportunity to participate in investing in one of the worlds' under serviced and potentially most lucrative market in India.