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India's Global Position

India is firmly established and recognized as a market leader globally by:

  • Offering the highest returns on foreign investment - US Department of Commerce
  • Establishing itself as the world's fourth largest economy based on purchasing power parity
  • Being ranked among the top 10 world economies. Estimated to become a $ trillion economy by 2010 and the third largest world economy by 2032
  • Being recognized in January 2007 by Standard & Poor's raising India's ranking from BB+/B (Speculative Grade) to BBB-/A-3 (Investment Grade)

INDIA: The Emerging Market of Alternative Green Energy

Solar Module Power is relatively the new product in Indian markets. World over the demand is increasing and availability is low and specially in countries like India Solar Module is the best option to face the problems of shortage of electricity. The demand of solar module is rising and, hence there is very good scope of voluminous business. There are bright future/ wide markets for company's product.

At present market share of solar module is very less and thus there would be vast demand for product. At present demand in Indian Market is very small but up to 2010 the demand will increase up to 1000 MW. As such the solar module industry is one of the fast growing industries with vast untapped markets/ addition of new markets. There are 96000 Villages yet to be electrified, 77 million House-holds without electricity in INDIA.

The export potential is also substantial with vast untapped market existing in the neighbouring countries. Scope also exists for Contract manufacturing for exports due to cheap labour in India and international quality standard state of the art production facilities of the company.