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Alternative Green Energy

Wind, Solar and Hydro Power in Europe | Bio Fuels In Europe | Wind Power in Italy

The share of green electricity in the EU has grown continuously reaching 15.8% in 2007 and 16.6% in 2008, compared to 15.1% in 2006

In 2008 Hungary and Germany were the only Member States that had already met or exceeded their national target for 2010. In its NREAP Germany confirms its intention to reach a higher 17.4% share of RES in electricity in 2010 (compared to its original 12.5% target).

An additional 5 to 10 Member States are well placed to meet their 2010 national targets, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania and Portugal confirm their intention to exceed their 2010 targets in their NREAPs.

The Metatron Fund Bio Fuels in Europe

Source: European Commission Report On Renewable Energy