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Investment Objective | Fund Management | Fund Structure | Investment Advisory Committee

Metatron Global Asset Managers Ltd will be assisted by an Investment Advisory Committee comprising of:

  • Mr Niraj Mohan - Director and Chief Financial Officer - Metatron Fund
  • Mr Shashi Patel - Patel&Co. Solicitors
  • Dr Vishal Nayar - Phd physics, Msc , Bsc Hons (International consultant in Alternative energy)
  • Mr Prithivi B. Pande - Chairman, Nepal Investment Bank Limited.
  • Mr Vijay Goel - Partner, Singahina & Co, Advocates/lawyers in India
  • Mr Pierre Hoffman - Mba ,Ba(hons )Banking/ securities Chairman - The G Project SA ( consultants )
  • Mr Manu Chadha - Ba Hons Banking / Investments - Corporate Director Pyramid property Investments Ltd
  • Mr Richard Pawley - Operations Director VTP Global Holdings Ltd