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Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL)

Nepal Bank Logo

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL) is acting as an advisor to Metatron Global Fund. The Bank is headed by Mr. Prithivi B. Pande, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.


Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., previously Nepal Indosuez Bank Ltd., was established in 1986 as a joint venture between Nepalese and French partners. The French partner (holding 50% of the capital of NIBL) was Credit Agricole Indosuez, a subsidiary of one the largest banking groups in the world.


Ecap Solutions GmbH

Ecap Solutions GmbH Logo

Ecap Solutions GmbH (a company based in Germany ) whose registered office Valentinskamp 24 - 20354 Hamburg ("the Associate").The Associate is engaged in business offering affiliation services in relation to product research, construction, development, research & marketing, financial and other advisory matters and has considerable skill, knowledge and experience in that field. Ecap Solutions offers turn-key services to sophisticated investors who wish to invest in renewable energy projects, using our experience and our global network of relationships across the renewable energy industry to structure and manage projects that meet investors' requirements.


Our current focus lies in large scale solar parks in the Mediterranean, but we are monitoring policies and trends across the renewable energy space (including wind, csp, wave, tidal, hydro and other new technologies), and are actively looking for new ventures to significantly expand our engagement in this exciting sector.