The principal investment objective of the Fund is to achieve medium to long-term (10 to 15 yrs) capital appreciation by investing in Companies holding assets worldwide and selected emerging countries in Europe and India; investing in renewable energy, and alternative green energy projects as well as recycling projects.
The fund will be seeking opportunities to acquire assets in sectors demonstrating exceptional growth and potential, and the investment strategy will be in line with the sectors shown in the table below:

Real Estate
UK Social Housing
Commercial investments
European Housing and apartment portfolios
Alternative Energy projects
Bio fuels, Green energy projects
Consumer Companies
Leisure and Health,
Research & Development
Equity Investments in unquoted SME’s

The Manager with the board’s approval can invest in other areas and also change the amount of percentages per sectors mentioned to benefit its investors. The figures above are indicative only.

Metatron Global Asset Manager Ltd, the CIS Manager of the Fund, is a Mauritius GBL1 with limited liability incorporated on 25/05/2007 in Mauritius. (Company Registration number: 71423 C1/ GBL). The Company has appointed Metatron Global Asset Managers Ltd (MGAM) as the Manager of the Company with whom a management agreement (the “Management Agreement”) was signed.