Investment Philosophy of MGAM
MGAM’s investment management philosophy rests on basic principles that have stood the test of time and provided healthy and regular performance across all stock markets worldwide. They are:

Long-Term Vision

MGAM only accepts to manage portfolios that are earmarked to be invested over a period of 10 to 15 years. This matches the investment management objective, which aims at managing a regular performing portfolio over the long term. Best results are always achieved with a long-term investment objective.

Risk Diversification
MGAM’s portfolios are also invested with the objective of minimizing risks elements. Great care in constructing a well-diversified portfolio that limits the volatility associated with specific securities risk, currencies, economic sectors and geo-political risk.

Prudent approach to management
In addition to laying the foundations of a portfolio based on the criteria mentioned above, their investment management approach aims at limiting the portfolio risks inherent to exogenous factors (such as world events), and to also take opportunities as and when they occur. MGAM combines a core and an active style of investment management, in view of optimising the portfolio returns in function of the market environment.

MGAM offers a service that is not a “black box”, but a completely transparent means of investing anywhere in the world. MGAM’s policy is to provide its clients an investment management report on a regular basis which provides details of its performance as well as income and expenses linked to its management. MGAM is therefore able to provide a service which is based on a close relationship with its clients and focused on their changing needs.

The Company has appointed State Bank Of Mauritius Ltd as the Cash Custodian and Asset Custodian of the assets respectively of the Company. The Custodian holds (either itself or through its agents or delegates) all the assets of the Fund and all documents of title to such assets but has no responsibility for selecting or valuing the investments of the Fund. The Custodian has no decision making discretion in relation to the Fund’s assets. Pursuant to the Custodian Agreement, the Custodian may appoint sub-custodians, agents and delegates to perform its duties. The Custodian will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly arising as a result of the acts or omissions of its sub-custodians, agents or delegates, provided always that the Custodian used reasonable skill, care and diligence in the selection and on-going monitoring of sub-custodians, agents or delegates.

The Company has engaged Agenius Management Services Ltd as the Administrator in relation to the Company to act as the administrator, registrar and NAV calculation services agent of the Company. They are regulated and licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius.